Spider Collectors

Animal and wildlife experts will usually warn us to leave wild animals and insects alone. Many of even have a fear of wildlife, afraid that they may bite or even eat us up. It's different though in Australia with one particular species of spider. Learn more by READING Spider Collectors.

LISTEN to the Spider Collectors story.

Do you think you could catch a funnel-web spider? Learn how to do it by WATCHING this website - but we suggest you do not try it without the proper supervision!

When writing about funnel-web spiders, we began to think of tongue twisters. If you ever have to make a presentation, saying a few tongue twisters to yourself before you begin may help you speak more clearly and fluently. Here are a few silly suggestions. See how fast you can say them:

  1. Six silly spiders spun sideways.

  2. Funnel-webs wobble when weaving webs.

  3. The big bug bit the bottled beetle.

  4. If a dog chews shoes, whose shoes does he choose?



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